Booking the Band


Thinking of hiring Nelson Brass?
Hiring Nelson Brass can make a positive contribution to your event. As an amateur organisation you will not have to pay professional rates for our services; however our performances are carried out in a professional manner. We aim to provide excellent value for money – a high standard musical performance for a reasonable fee. An appropriate fee will be quoted to you once we know what the engagement entails.

Is Nelson Brass suitable for my event?
Nelson Brass has over 150 years experience of providing tailored musical experiences for a variety of occasions, for example:

  • Formal concerts in halls and theatres: Last Night of the Proms, Christmas Celebration Concerts, Movie and Musical Nights etc.

  • Informal background music: Formal Dinners, Corporate, PR and Sporting Events.

  • Wedding and Church Services: Nelson Brass sounds great in the acoustics of a church where the bright but solemn sound of the band matches most occasions. The band plays at such occasions throughout the year, matching music appropriate to the venue, service, and your musical tastes.

  • Outdoor Events: The band plays at outdoor events throughout the year such as: Agricultural Shows, Local Parks, Historic Events, Private Events, Garden Parties, Birthday, Anniversaries and Fun Days.

  • Marching: The band is able to perform some short outdoor marches: Remembrance Sunday, Church Walks etc.

Nelson Brass will be ideal for my event what do I need to let you know?

  • Have a clear idea about what you want the band to do.

  • Firstly let the band know what type of event it is: date, times, location.

  • If it is a full concert, will there be a formal audience with seating, in which case you may wish to prepare a compere and discuss a programme with the band. How long do you want the band to play for? A typical concert format would be 45 minutes playing in each half, with a 30 minute break.

  • Do you just want background music?

  • If the band is to accompany singing or other type of musical groups, the conductor will need to liaise with their director of music /organist etc.

  • Usually our Musical Director will arrange the programme. However if you would like a certain piece or type of music, please discuss this beforehand as the band only carries a small amount of our musical repertoire to each event.

What will the band need on the day?

  • For nearly all events the Band will require seating usually around 25 chairs without arms.

  • The Band would need a space of around 7m x 7m, though smaller spaces may be accommodated.

  • Access to the venue at least half an hour before the event, together with a room or similar space for the band to meet before playing and to store their instrument cases.

  • The venue needs to have adequate overhead lighting for the band to be able to see their music.

  • The Band will usually arrive by private cars and will need somewhere to park. Instructions of where is suitable will be most helpful. Close vehicular access to the venue for the Band’s larger instruments and equipment would also be appreciated.

  • Light refreshments are always welcome – particularly at intervals – as playing is thirsty work!

  • The open-air is a good place for a brass band in the summer, but attention should be given to the location. It is useful if the playing area is covered and sheltered from wind and rain. Music stands carrying music are particularly difficult to deal with in even moderately breezy conditions, so any shelter is always appreciated.

  • In the case of wet or inclement weather, what will happen? Will the event be cancelled, or moved indoors? Will the band still be required? If the band’s services are cancelled, what notice would we receive, and would there still be payment available?

  • From a practical point of view, the ground needs to be relatively flat. Not only is it important for the physical position for somebody who is to work sitting down for an hour or two, but music stands are top heavy and can be unstable if the ground is not good. If you want the band to play on grass, please bear in mind that chairs with thin legs, on soft ground quite easily sink into the turf. We would certainly appreciate some wooden flooring to avoid this situation.

  • You need to think what will be going on around the Band. For safety, we should not be placed next to a busy road. Think also of animals –which can be startled by a band and of other sounds that will be around us that could detract from your listeners’ enjoyment. Often being located next to the refreshment tent is seen as an ideal position as people can listen to the band whilst they are sat enjoying tea and cake.

How to book and availability
Nelson Brass is an amateur organisation and most of our players have full-time jobs, so it is often impossible to get the Band together during working hours. We accept bookings well in advance so please book early, see engagements page for availability as this page shows engagements we have already confirmed. If we are available contact us here with details of your event.

It does cost a lot of money to run the Band, including conductor, music, band room and of course instruments, which are all in excess of £2000 each. The funding for this comes from our engagements and other fund raising activities. Individual players do not receive payment.

Prompt payment by cheque on the day or by invoice is really appreciated.
We can really make your event come alive, so this is worth paying for.

Promoting the band at your event
In any promotional material, please ensure that the band is referred to as Nelson Brass; our Musical Director is Mr Roy Waite. Further information and photographs can be provided on request.